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Algámitas is a small traditional Spanish village with a population of just over 1000 people. There are several small grocery shops (a fantastic bakery, fishmongers), bars, a church, the village square and two banks. Algámitas is essentially an agricultural community with the emphasis on olives as well as mixed cereals and sunflowers.

IF YOU ENJOY WALKING then the surrounding countryside is unspoilt and there are many tracks and paths you can use: you are more or less free to go wherever you wish! 


The next nearest village to us is Villanueva de San Juan - it and Algámitas are known as the "forgotten villages" as time has almost passed them by. Life goes on much as it has for decades, although the motor car and tractor have mainly taken over from the mule. However, the goatherds still watch their herds in the fields and on the hills - the tinkling of their bells is an ever present sound in the stillness of the countryside. ALWAYS TAKE WATER with you when you set off and never underestimate the power of the sun. The walking in the area is through beautiful countryside, varying from olive groves to mountain tracks.





The Cortijo and Villa are within easy reach of “Los Pueblos blancos”, which are the famous Moorish white villages.  There are opportunities for photography, bird watching, painting, horse riding and many other activities. Car hire is cheap and easily arranged at any of the airports servicing the area. If you get the opportunity,  you should consider visiting the beautiful cites of Cordoba, Jerez, Seville, Ronda, Cádiz and Granada, all within easy reach. Nearby Osuna and Olvera are also well worth a visit with fantastic views and plenty of stunning Spanish architecture and history on display. They are ideal aswell, if you are looking to stock up at a larger Supermarket.

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